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Leah Butler-Smith

The Enhanced Life Show is the brain child of Leah Butler-Smith.  As a an expert in Behaviour and Mindset, she has worked for over 20 years with individuals seeking improvements and enhancements in their lives.

Her mission is to attract experts and amazing people whose experiences have enabled profound change to share their wisdom with you.

Sharing proven methods, strategies, lifestyle changes and techniques that can enhance life and importantly - how.  It is also her desire to give a platform to normal people, who've faced challenges and overcome them.

What kind of interviewee will you listen to and watch ...

  • experts in mindset 
  • experts in upgrading your brain
  • guest experts in body mind medicine
  • guest experts in the Functional Medicine field
  • guest coaches in specific niche areas
  • guest entrepreneurs who've enhanced life & are ready to share their strategy with you
  • guest authors with valueable tips
  • extraordinary people whose lives have been enhanced through their experiences

plus coaching tips, research updates & more

~ Leah Butler-Smith will be sharing wisdom, tips and life enhancement updates from the world plus latest research in health, neuroscience, psychoimmunerology, lifestyle medicine, therapeutic techniques, trainings and more ...

Curating Greatness ... Together!

The Enhanced Life Show is currently videoed as a split screen interview.  Our plan is to publish the recording to our Facebook Page to ensure your friends and family can join you in the audiences at their leisure.  There is an idea ruminating that we might follow the publication of recorded interviews with a Live Q&A ... watch this space for updates!

Once the video elements have been recorded - we strip the audio elements, improve the quality and ready that for the new Podcast.  Once we have a minimum of ten recorded interviews prepared, we'll launch those on iTunes and other podcasting platforms.  We will ensure the content is unique to the platform so you'll always get to enjoy something special.  Be the first to tune in!

Elements of the Video will be shared on our new YouTube Channel in the form of tips, trailers and in some cases, the full interview.  

When you sign up today, you'll get regular updates ...

Your contribution to the Enhanced Life community will be as a VIP audience member and interactive guest.  Your thoughts on the topics, experts and stories you'd like featured are very important.  Helping us spread the word and share the show will determine the success of our collective 'mission'.

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More than this, your contribution is shared with the whole community ...

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As a valued audience member, you are part of the story, part of the mission and an important part of the growth of this community.

You are therefore a very important person when it comes to deciding the content, the style, the updates and the Guests we approach.

You are able to request the guests you'd like to see interviewed, suggest topics and new research you'd like to see (& hear) featured, put forward someone whose 'real life' story will enhance the lives of the community & even ... if you have a valuable story to share, I'd love to hear from you.


It's early days for the Enhanced Life Show.  Your support in joining me as a Curator Of Enhanced Life methods, strategies and stories, is something I highly appreciate.  Let's show the world, our families, our friends and everyone in our community, how to live well, enjoy our time here on earth & above all ... to live a more enhanced life!  

I look forward to sharing the show with you and hearing from you with your suggestions, idea and requests.

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