Get Access To Your Complimentary Meditation

I've added the Meditations & Hypnosis audios, those free and for members - to the Substack to avoid any delays to member access whilst the new app is being built.

You'll find the link to your free guided meditation inside your Welcome Email.

There' a number of interesting articles that will continue to grow and if you choose to support the production of KBFPod, you can easily subscribe as a paid member and get access to all membership content now and going forward.

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The complimentary meditation is a gift from me to you.  You are not obliged to sign up as a paid subscriber (member) and I appreciate if your support is in sharing the episodes and promoting the work we're doing.

My supporters are the wind beneath the wings of the App & new Podcast production. Your support makes the show possible!

To avoid duplicate emails, visitors are subscribed to the substack where all Membership content is added until the new app is ready to launch.  

About The Enhanced Life App

The app is a long held goal of mine.  It will host a growing library of Meditations, Hypnosis audios, plus coaching materials, therapuetic tools and more.

To make access as easy as possible for supportive members.  That's a lot of work and as the original membership was disrupted by the hacks to my websites during a period of family focus, I saw Substack, a very popular platform with the capacity to host free content, plus content behind a paywall for Members.  They also host audios and videos so the ability to host the content there, safety, securely and make it easy to get to - seemed like a no brainer!  I hope you agree!

Should you choose to become a paid subscriber (member), when the app is ready, you'll naturally be given full notice of that and an opportunity to transition from one platform to another.