Hello world!

Aug 16

Hey!  So Happy You're Here

This is the first time ... in over 12 years of building new blogs and websites, that it made complete sense to leave the wordpress post titled ~ "Hello World" intact.

It feels like I'm talking to you and you are here because, like me - you want to enhance life and you're fascinated to discover ... how?


Hello You!

What are we all doing here ...?

My hope by now, is you've already taken a gander at the 'about' page and you've got some ideas about what this whole site, show, academy and brand is about.

If you haven't already poked your inquisitive nose into that - do take a mo to check it out.  It explains a lot!  You can read the about commentary here.

Once you read the mission, vision and goals that I have for what I perceive Enhanced Life to be all about, it is my genuine hope that you will be as inspired as I am to continue building a community of like minded peeps - people who like you want more from life and who want more for your family too!

Rome Wasn't Built In A Day ...

Yep!  I hear you.  My grand vision has already taken waaaaay longer than it should.

I first had the idea to launch the Show and build the Academy over ten years ago.  Chatted casually with some of my (very very cool) clients in my ... ever so posh Harley Street Practice and when ... to a man (woman and teen), they all showered me with positive encouragement, expressed a strong desire for the outcome the academy would promise and so on ... I figured ...

"I may be onto something here..."

So you may be wondering - WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?!

And I hear that loud and clear.

I've been saying that to myself for a long while.

I had plenty of reasons (aka excuses) for what else I needed to do 'first'.  I had all the reasons for why I had to go off and learn more tech, more marketing, more research ...

The truth is ...

My ego made me step into avoidance and distraction,  with all that other joyous spirit sucking stuff.  (that naughty naughty ego ...tut tut)


I hid behind the devastating attack on my son, the feeling of being burned out, the need to learn and do more, it was the recession, the belief I need to earn more 'now' and all that delightful shizzle.

If you'd told me back then - I'd wait another ten years to launch my dream vision - I'd have thumped me.

I know like I know ... had I been inspired to take on a coach, mentor or even just sit in meditation and discover what my anxieties were - you and I would have met ... years ago.

It's ... alive!

Thank Gawd for that!

Nothing else to say but ...

You are here.  I am ready.  We are kindred spirits and the TIME IS RIGHT!

I sincerely hope to see you on the Facebook page when the Show goes live.  I really hope you have the same vision as me (guessing you'd have hotfooted away from this page otherwise 😉 ) 

I can't wait for the day you download the podcast and write your review.  I will celebrate the day you subscribe the the YouTube Channel.

And should you also decide to become a member of the Enhanced Life Academy - I will be beyond excited to share the vision for our future with you!

I am soooo excited that I'll get to talk to people that I'd love to share coffee (or wine) with, people who have allll the smarts and people who have gifts of knowledge, experience and wisdom to share with you.

I hope you enjoy real people talking about real life and sometimes that might include a wee bit of cursing.  

I rarely swear, despite my 'essex girl' roots, and I definitely don't intend to encourage my guests to do so - just the language we use is expressive and I actually love hearing people get into their down and dirty reality - which at times ... does include words we consider not suitable for young ears.

Enhance Your Mind with your Complimentary Meditation

Well that's all for now... this is just me saying 'hi' to you and letting you in on the fact - we are LIVE!!  

Links and actual 'platform' spaces are there ...just not configured - so rather than wait - sign up and I'll update you on where you'll find all that very very sooooon!

Meantime, keep your comments, thoughts, ruminations, suggestions and all that jazz ... coming!