Dec 13

Episode 002 with Will Polston

Will is a wonderful character.  He’s a mindset strategist and his mission is to empower other’s to fulfill their potential.  His brand name ‘make it happen’ comes from his early dive into personal development and what he learned is possible.

Will-Polston 002 guest

Meet Will …

Will Polston has a big mission …

Will has set a target for changing the lives of a Billion people.  That’s a goal and then some!

He’s just hosted the largest personal development event in the UK and I just know … he’ll be back again next year with an even bigger event.

Money isn’t everything …

Will shares how his journey from being driven to succeed by ‘money’ changed completely when he had a lightning moment (followed by sobbing tears …) that turned his motivation into inspiration.

“life happens for you not to you…”

Will has a few positive quotes, one that he lives by is life happens for you not to you.

What he means by that is the power to change your life … is in your hands. That what you have in life, is opportunity and it’s a gift.

He’s been to dark places …

Will briefly shares how he has suffered a period of suicidal thinking and how he believes his path in personal development will protect him from ever being there again.

Will shares his 5 in 5 and the video plus download will appear here very soon.

It’s coming… 


To conclude …

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Keep an eye out for the next episode which features Monique Nelson.  Her journey from sick in hospital thanks to her lifestyle, to health coach – is inspirational!