The Now Famous Hawaiian Ho'oponopono Meditation

Let's take a deep breath and dive into the wonderful world of Ho'oponopono meditation.

Picture yourself in a tranquil setting, surrounded by gentle waves, a warm breeze, and the soothing sounds of nature.  Imagine yourself walking on the soft sand, feel the sand beneath your feet, every step more relaxed than before ...

As you find your body relaxing ... notice how your mind is becoming quieter, calmer, more focused.

Imagine the breeze brushes across your face and you take a deep breath in ... and soak in earth's life giving glorious oxygen...

Ho'oponopono is a Hawaiian Practice

Ho'oponopono meditation is a Hawaiian practice that focuses on forgiveness, healing, and restoring harmony within ourselves and our relationships.

At its core, Ho'oponopono is all about our ability to choose to take responsibility for our thoughts, actions, and the energy we bring into the world.   The meditation provides us with the opportunity to remember that we have the power to heal and transform ourselves by working on our inner landscape (mind & body).

Now isn't that a beautiful concept?

The practice involves a simple mantra that goes like this:

"I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you."

These four phrases hold profound wisdom and are repeated as a form of meditation. As you say the words, you connect with the essence of forgiveness, gratitude, and love, both within yourself and that you can project towards others.

The Meaning Behind Ho'oponopono Phrases

You may wonder... "I'm sorry".   To whom am I sorry and what am I sorry for?

Well, in the context of Ho'oponopono, we're not necessarily apologising for any specific action or wrongdoing.  Instead, we're acknowledging our role as co-creators of our experiences and expressing a genuine desire for healing and reconciliation.  It's a way of releasing any negative emotions, resentment, or guilt that may be weighing heavily on us.

Though ... as there are often different interpretations of how the Ho'oponopono meditation should be done, I also suggest if you have any guilt in your own life, you can focus on the person related to the experiences.  The results can be quite profound!

The same is true when you say "please forgive me".   Why should I ask for forgiveness? Forgiveness is never about the person who is asked, rather the person who wishes to be forgiven.  Though it is true when a person is asked for forgiveness, it can be the beginning of collective healing in our own lives.

The original use of the Ho'oponopono meditation was within tribes and communities where conflicts had arisen and a need for collective acceptance of responsibility to achieve resolution came about. 

There are other interpretations that state the focus is more 'divine' and we are asking the creator for forgiveness for the part we play in the experiences requiring forgiveness, either for ourselves or on behalf of others. 

Once again ... in my personal and professional experiences, including in Grief,  when used in your own life, the meditation can really help to provide a way to communicate strong emotions in a safe way to being letting go of those locked in energies.

Ho'oponopono Gratitude & Love

By saying "thank you," we express gratitude for the opportunity to grow, learn, and heal. It's a reminder to appreciate the lessons that life presents us, even in challenging situations.

And when we say "I love you," we tap into the limitless power of love and compassion, both for ourselves and for others.  Love has the ability to transcend boundaries, dissolve barriers, and bring forth profound healing and transformation.

Hooponopono meditation is a gentle and nurturing practice that can be done anytime, anywhere.   Find a quiet space where you can sit comfortably, close your eyes, and let the mantra flow effortlessly from your lips. As you repeat the words, allow them to penetrate your being, soothing and healing any wounds, both known and unknown. Feel the energy of forgiveness and love radiating from within you, touching every aspect of your life.

To support your meditation I have added Ho'oponopono to the Enhanced Life members area in both Alpha for daytime listening and Theta for nighttime listening to guide you into a deep restful, restorative sleep.  You'll find those in the members are here:  Ho'oponopono Meditation

Remember, Ho'oponopono is a journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth. It's an invitation to release the past, embrace the present moment, and create a brighter future. So, take a deep breath, let go of any tension, and allow the magic of Ho'oponopono to wash over you like a gentle wave. You deserve peace, healing, and love.  Embrace this beautiful practice and let it guide you on your path of transformation.

With love and aloha,


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