There are now decades of studies to show the effectiveness of Meditation to enhance your mindset with the amazing knock on effect being … a healthier body!

What is meditation?

First of all let's just talk about what meditation is.  Essential it's the ability to take control of what thoughts are travelling through your mind, in a purposeful way.

The type of meditation that has seemed challenging, is the Buddhist version of sitting mindfully noticing your thoughts but not allowing them to take over your thinking, rather to let them pass through your mind and dissolve.  People can find that less relaxing than the alternative - Guided Meditation.  Which is incredibly enjoyable, wonderfully purposeful and has the ability to begin reprogramming your unconscious mind with positive programs designed for health and wellbeing.

There are a number of other forms of meditation including;

  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Guided Meditation
  • Focused Meditation
  • Spiritual Meditation
  • Movement Meditation
  • Transcendental Meditation
  • Progressive Relaxation
  • Mantra Meditation

Whichever form of meditation you choose, you will benefit in many ways! Studies now go back for decades showing a myriad of health and mindset benefits. Neuroscience caught up with the positive effects on the brain proving regular meditation can literally change the shape and activities within your brain!

What did neuroscience discover about meditation and your brain?

What was revealed when neuroscientists began using modern technology to monitor the brains of those starting a daily habit of meditation, was in one way an explanation for why people who meditate regularly appear calmer and more considered.  The studies also highlighted the enormous power of this simple tool to deal with multiple mental health challenges, normally associated with the requirement for drug interventions.

The gray matter grew in size whilst the amydala became smaller in appearance.  Suggesting that what you give most attention to, that activates activity within certain parts of the brain, causes it to demand more energy to fulfill the requirement of the type of thinking you are doing.

Stressful thinking, induces activity within the amygdala.  Using your brain for creative thinking, requires the gray matter to be activated.  

A snippet of text from the study reveals the parts of the brain benefitting most:

meta-analysis found eight brain regions consistently altered in meditators, including areas key to meta-awareness (frontopolar cortex/BA 10), exteroceptive and interoceptive body awareness (sensory cortices and insula), memory consolidation and reconsolidation (hippocampus), self and emotion regulation (anterior and mid cingulate; orbitofrontal cortex), and intra- and interhemispheric communication (superior longitudinal fasciculus; corpus callosum).

Who wouldn’t want all that?

You literally become smarter, calmer, healthier and gain more control of your actions and reactions to others and to life itself!

Guided Meditations Make Brain Enhancing So Much Easier!

It has been my mission for the longest time to have a space to share my Meditations and Hypnosis audios along with other coaching tools and resources.

I spent time building a membership in 2017-2018 and thereafter pulled the membership to rebuild as an app.

As my ‘about’ page explains, during a difficult time in recent years, my websites were all hacked beyond repair and this led to months of inactivity.

I discovered Substacks as a simple yet highly effective way to provide access to members securely using the ‘podcast feature’. Whilst there are some open to all subscribers, the majority of what I have already created and what will be developed will be for the paid subscribers.

Who in turn will be helping me get the app version built quicker!

I’m incredibly passionate about creating these unique life enhancing tools. I’ve studied the brain, mind and behaviours for decades and witnessed through my work, the life changing capability of tools that allow for communication with the deep mind (unconscious), faster than any other modality ever could!

Self Hypnosis & Guided Hypnosis or Meditation

For three decades I’ve practiced meditation and self hypnosis. Before I even knew what it was I was taught, I knew how powerful the outcomes were.

My first ever experience of self hypnosis, sometimes called Progressive Relaxation Meditation, was used during my first pregnancy and the delivery of my first child. The midwives would regularly teach this technique to new mothers in the birthing classes.

I found it invaluable when the time came to work with my mind to alleviate the discomfort in my body. However … back then I also trusted all medical advice and took the recommended ‘pain relief’ only to discover it was not in fact a reliever of pain! That drug was pethidine, regularly given to birthing mothers who aren’t sadly … informed. Midwives later admitted this drug makes birthing mothers easier for them to ‘handle’ and a relaxant, not a pain killer.

Thankfully today, midwives will highly recommend natural over drug managed birth as mothers and their newborns do better, recover faster and bond more easily. The mothers also experience quicker births, less complications, less pain and many more positives.

Self hypnosis and progressive relaxation, are focused attention methods. Where you place your mind on one part of your body, ask your mind to ‘imagine’ how that part will feel when completely relaxed, encourage relaxation using words like “heavy”, “loose”, “let go” and as that part relaxes, you move attention to another part.

The important thing is … all of the meditation or self hypnosis techniques are safe. They are all wonderful, relaxing, like a marvellous mind holiday/ break from which you return feeling refreshed!

As a professional Hypnotherapist with decades of experiences helping people from every walk of life, I use my knowledge to help craft the recordings so they have maximum impact, with minimum effort!

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About the Author Leah Butler-Smith

Leah Butler-Smith is a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist with Advanced training in Hypno-analysis, Inner Child Healing, Trauma therapies and more. As an NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Trainer, she has experience Coaching people from all walks of life inc Business. She is the Founder of Enhanced Life & the creator of the Enhanced Life App. As a Freedom Loving Spirit she supports Humanity in every way she can.

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