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Proven effective methods for personal growth, transformational change & a simple way to enhance life daily!

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Online access to a collection of modern brain and life enhancing tools & resources.  With multiple options for every module e.g. with or without music etc
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Take a moment to reflect on how good life will be when you reset old programs, enhance positive beliefs, dissolve traumas and build a life you choose!

this is our recipe for succesS

  • Developing daily habits build a healthy mindset & lust for life!
  • High quality,  proven coaching products. Perfect for every desired change or enhanced experience.
  • We strive for excellence and we want to help you find the joy in every moment, every day with every one. 

Access your guided meditations & Professional Hypnosis audios

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We've opened the doors to the Enhanced Life Academy content via our Substack, the membership fee outdoes all the big corporate apps!

Access to the growing library of Meditations, Hypnosis, Walking Meditations & other proven resources!

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Everything Leah has developed over many years has always been exceptional, well thought out, researched & comes from proven methods.  Her determination to develop the right environment for others to enjoy personal growth, mindset improvements and ultimately freedom in their lives, has been a passion for many years.  I'm delighted to see it's finally coming to fruition!


Coach & Entrepreneur

I spent my life afraid of public speaking.  The terror would lead to sleepless nights, lost jobs and far too many missed opportunities.  Letting go of that fear, changed so many things ... I finally found a new confidence and courage within and my life & business has gone from strength to strength ever since!  


Financial Broker

Two hours with Leah transformed my life!  I finally let go of historical trauma and feel at last I'm coming into my own.  

I can now sleep at night!  Go out feeling relaxed and my relationship has improved dramatically!


the benefits of “your MODERN PROVEN TECHNIQUES”

Improve confidence & self belief

Reduces stress & illness

Increased motivation

Heal mindset imperfections

the benefits of “your MODERN PROVEN TECHNIQUES”

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Enhanced Life uses mindset tools to help determined 'investors in life'.  We are fascinated with improving mindset, brain health and enhancing life with simple daily practices.

Incorporating Hypnotherapy, Self Hypnosis, NLP, Meditation, EMDR, Tapping & merging these tools with the latest from Neuroscience, Psychoimmunerology & more!

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